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VSCL’s supply chain is focused on continual improvement and value creation in all aspects of the transformation of raw materials into finished products. Our objective is to shorten supply chains, reduce waste, improve productivity and minimize consumption of energy.

Our internal processes controls and reporting ensures your products reach you on time, and at the expected quality standards. Our supply chain model is optimized across critical processes including procurement, production, storage and logistics and is designed to provide you with a flexible, robust and dependable supply chain partner.

Measure Supplier Performance

Supplier performance measurement is a key process for VSCL’s procurement groups responsible for sourcing direct raw materials, energy supplies, indirect materials, logistics and other corporate services. VSCL can drive improvement in supplier performance as well as ensure supplier commitment to ability in the supply chain. Initial supplier selection criteria are used to manage service economic, and environmental performance of our global supplier base. Additional measures include delivery reliability, complaints or non-conformances and claims.

Develop Supplier Solutions

VSCL works closely with suppliers to develop long-term solutions to issues. Solutions are driven through the use of root cause failure analysis by which the primary cause of each issue is identified. The solutions developed after such analysis will address the primary causes.

Develop Customer Solutions

VSCL routinely partners with customers to develop solutions that support our sustainability goals. We proactively share knowledge with our customers and distributors on product and packaging strategies, logistics network optimization options, and alternative methods of sourcing, etc.

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“ The focus on regularity of QA compliance makes VSCL an extremely competitive player in the Intermediates and API space.”
USV Ltd.
Feb 2010