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About Us

Our leadership is pragmatic, realstic and thoroughly professional. This leads to a strong corporate culture that we at VSCL are extremely proud of. Our focus on developing our core strengths to a point where we can leverage them for growth is a strategy that will keep us tuned to the future.

With a pedigree from the Personal Care and Pharma industries, VSCL's management brings with it vast product and customer experience. Beyond the leaders, each of our employees have been culturally sensitized to the special quality needs required by our industry, and fully support all our quality initiatives.

WHO-GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

At VSCL Good Manufacturing Practices is the spirit of the entire organization and by it the quality is built into the product. Excellent plant, technical knowledge and purest material guarantees a quality product, vigilance in processing does it. It is largely this practice of vigilance before, during and after manufacturing is included in VSCL’s GMP that ensures consistent quality, safety and efficiency of the system.

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Health, Safety & Environment Guidelines

As a company predominantly active in the chemical industry, we have an obligation to respect and protect the environment. In addition to the seven ground rules of "Responsible Care“ to which we are committed, safety and the protection of the environment are entrenched in our corporate policy

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Quality Policy

As a market leader in the speciality chemicals industry, VSCL is proud to have a quality policy that supports the company’s GMP and customer satisfaction goals. Our focus on quality has enabled us to sustain and grow our business model to benefit our customers.

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Mr. Sunil H. Pophale

Graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.), Powai, ’79, Sunil is an entrepreneur with a wealth of over 28 years experience in brand building.

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