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Our quality promise extends well beyond our production process, all the way to your loading dock. We have partnered with leading logistics companies to provide a dependable delivery system limiting damage and product quality deterioration.

Logistics as a vital business element has been established in VSCL, this was mainly due to the increasing complexity of supplying our business with raw materials and shipping out products in an increasingly globalized supply chain.

VSCL logistics aims to cover an internal focus (inbound logistics), and an external focus (outbound logistics) covering the flow and storage of materials from point of manufacture to point of consumption. The goal of logistics team is to manage the fruition of product life cycle, faced with a supply chain challenge to get your product to you on time.

Storage & Logistics Picture

Logistics Table

Americas Europe Middle East Far East Pacific
Location North America Germany Iran Malaysia Pacific
Type of Freight Airfreight Airfreight Airfreight Airfreight Airfreight
Days for Delivery 10 Days 4 Days 3 Days 5 Days 6 Days
Note:- Sea freight also available