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Quality Policy

As a market leader in the speciality chemicals industry, VSCL is proud to have a quality policy that supports the company’s GMP and customer satisfaction goals. Our focus on quality has enabled us to sustain and grow our business model to benefit our customers.

VSCL’s Quality Policy is built on a promise across our value chain with its foundations in the 5 pillars of sustainable quality delivery:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Innovate with Products & Processes
  • Human Resource Development
  • Vendor Development & Sustainability
  • Increase Shareholder Value

Our persistent focus on quality at every level of the production process and across our customers, suppliers and internal consitituents gives us the edge in a competitive space. We are confident about our sustained contribution to the entire community we touch, will reap long-term rewards.

“ The focus on regularity of QA compliance makes VSCL an extremely competitive player in the Intermediates and API space.”
USV Ltd.
Feb 2010