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Good Manufacturing Practices ( WHO-GMP )

At VSCL Good Manufacturing Practices is the spirit of the entire organization and by it the quality is built into the product. Excellent plant, technical knowledge and purest material guarantees a quality product, vigilance in processing does it. It is largely this practice of vigilance before, during and after manufacturing is included in VSCL’s GMP that ensures consistent quality, safety and efficiency of the system.

At VSCL we ensure,

  1. The Manufacturing process is well defined and understood before the commencement of any activity.
  2. Procedures are written in instruction form, in clear unambiguous language and are applicable to facilities provided.
  3. The necessary facilities and resources are provided which include
    • Appropriately trained personnel.
    • Adequate Premises and space.
    • Suitable equipments & utilities.
    • Correct materials.
    • Approved procedure.
    • Suitable storage and transport.
  4. Records are made during manufacturing ( Including packaging ) to record all steps required by the defined procedure are in fact carried out and that the quality and quantity Produced was as expected.
  5. Records of manufacture and distribution are maintained in legible and accessible form so that it is easy to trace the complete history of a batch, and A system is available to recall from sale or supply, any batch of a product should that become necessary.
“ The focus on regularity of QA compliance makes VSCL an extremely competitive player in the Intermediates and API space.”
USV Ltd.
Feb 2010