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Custom Synthesis

Our deeply evolved chemical process development and quality control mechanisms allow us to be flexible when it comes to serving your custom product requirements. Our dedicated, well-trained and experienced chemists create formulations on demand, at the highest quality levels you can expect. Explore key strengths across our chemical development and manufacturing processes.

Chemical Capabilities

Custom Synthesis is used for the production of organic drug compounds to the specification of the client for their specific development and research needs.

  • Asymmetric Synthesis
  • Quarternisations
  • Optical Resolution
  • Grignard
  • High Pressure
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Custom Chemical Solutions

Vadhivarhe offer services in 2 key areas, specifically Organic Synthesis, and Chemical Development.

  • Organic Chemical Synthesis

    VSCL’s Organic Custom Synthesis module offers customers a full range of services to meet the varying needs.

  • Chemical Development

    Our Chemical Development service is designed to support your needs as you enhance and evolve your production processes and product range

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Chemical Process Development

VSCL is experienced in developing and evolving numerous new chemical manufacturing processes. These processes are developed under strict guidelines with the intention and objective of being commercialized as soon as possible.

Chemical Process development steps:

  • Selection
  • Preliminary design
  • Scale-up of the equipment used to in the formulation for producing the specified product.
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